Fine, Let’s Just See if England Will Take Us Back

We now have to have a special committee of super-powerful congresspeople and booby-traps written into agreements just so that people will do their damn jobs.

In other words, everyone is conceding that we suck at democracy. Well, I guess it’s good that our elected leaders are finally finding some common ground. It just sucks that this common ground is “Democracy is too hard. We need to be told what to do.”

You know, folks are all the time saying how government should run more like a business. I assumed when people say that, they mean that, if someone is found to have lied about his qualifications and his ability to do his job, he’s either fired or allowed to resign quietly. I do not thing anyone means “We should let the nephew of the original owner flounder as the company president until he runs the company into the ground.”

And yet, here we are.

England, like many young people who can’t make it in these tough times, we may need to move back home for a while.

8 thoughts on “Fine, Let’s Just See if England Will Take Us Back

  1. Ha, well, we just have to hope England doesn’t practice tough love, but instead is all “Oh, America, yes, we made your room into a home office, but you can have Australia’s old room until you get back on your feet.”

  2. SB,

    Thanks for the link. That was an article that everyone needs to read.


    India’s room at least has a fantastic view of the mountains. I would be more worried if they gave us Ceylon’s or Rhodesia’s room.

  3. I just got a look at some of the ridiculous hats the Brits wore to that royal wedding over the weekend. So I’ll just say thanks but no thanks to the British taking us back.

    { shudders }

  4. Not to keep banging my usual open-parties drum, but yes. The article SB links to is prettybmuch on target as to identifying the problem. The two-party system, with it’s hardliners on both sides wagging the dog and the vast numbers of folks mistaking elections for football games, is what cooks up this mess.

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