The Tennessee State Library and Archives Tree Has Issues

I can only assume Governor Haslam is somehow to blame. I don’t know why I felt compelled to wander over to the Tennessee State Library and Archives in my back yard, but I noticed it is covered in bugs. Ants, it looks like. But they’re coming in and out of these holes in the trunk. Now, holes in the trunk would make you think a borer of some sort, right? But, like I said, they look like ants.

So, either I have the first batch of boring ants or I have borers and ants. I went to Lowe’s and got some crap that supposedly you only need to apply once a year. We’ll see. I’m prepared to reapply sooner. But it claims to take care of borers.

I got the bathroom cleaned and the kitchen cleaned. The Butcher will have to do the floors. And yesterday the Professor took me shopping. I admit, I’ve been wearing the same four outfits (five when it’s cool enough to wear a turtleneck) since the Butcher lost his last job. Finally, since we’re not in such dire financial straights, I came to terms with the necessity of getting a few more outfits. I really hate shopping, which is why I have to have the Professor take me. She likes to try on things. She’s all “that’s too big, that’s too small” without making you feel like it’s your body that’s fucked up. She even tried on the same shirt in a couple of different colors and we noticed that the different colors fit her differently.

But still, it was stressful. But I got a few cute things. And, the next time I get a little money ahead, I’ll go get a few more cute things. I need to be better about keeping my wardrobe updated. I need to dress like a grown-up at least sometimes.

2 thoughts on “The Tennessee State Library and Archives Tree Has Issues

  1. In live wood? Well, whatever they are, I hope the pesticide gets them. I like that tree and up until now, it was doing a good job of growing.

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