Oooo, Pretty

Oh, Memphis, why must you be so cool and so damn hot? Anyway, this is really awesome. This jewelry designer has a whole bunch of poetry-inspired jewelry for sale. I invite you to check it out, just for the cool cross-promotion factor. You may sense that the most awesome piece, the piece that would just tie together your whole outfit is missing.

That may be because someone… and I’m not mentioning names… bought it before telling you about this.

One thought on “Oooo, Pretty

  1. I’m so excited that Ashley named pieces after Walking Man lines I could spit. The Valente pieces come with a copy of the poem; mine come with handwritten poem-fragments in red ink, and those inspired from lyrics off Bekah Kelso’s new album, which are being released one at a time this week, come with a free download of the parent song. We are having so much fun it ought to be against the law.

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