It Was a Long Day; I Almost Set my Kitchen on Fire

If you friend makes you delicious pesto, be aware of the precariously piled pile of… yes, piled pile. I told you it was a long day. That’s as good as I can do. A pile of cardboard boxes was precariously piled in a pile on the counter.

I was in the bathroom and I said, “Weird. It smells like saurkraut in here.” and then I thought “And burning!” Luckily nothing was aflame, but many cardboard items were scorched.

New Kitty is upset that she’s not allowed outside. “I’m barely limping” she says. “I can jump down from the counter,” she says.

“Gaping flesh wound,” I say and I win because I have thumbs.

Gardens of Nerdy Delight

As much as yesterday was a grueling sludge through ridiculousness interrupted only by a nice chat with L., I did get some nice feedback on “Hank” and I think I’m actually going to try to sell him some place. You know, like a real writer. And today is filled with nerdy delights at work that I can’t tell you about because a.) I don’t blog about work and b.) it’s probably not that interesting to anyone buy me.

But I get to try to see if this thing I’ve been working on for a long time will finally fall into place.

So, that’s  nice.

I wish I had more exciting to write about, but, I’m just enjoying my nerdy delight.

The New Kitty is Tough

I woke up and she was on my bed! Granted, I lifted her down. And then I found her on the kitchen counter. Stuck again but I lifted her down. Now, she’s kind of stuck on top of the stereo but I’ll go lift her down.

And she’s running around, this weird, more like a bunny hop than a run, since she is only faking being able to put weight on that front leg. But, her limp is so slight this morning that, I swear, if I hadn’t checked yesterday afternoon to see for sure that she was in one piece, I wouldn’t have given her injury a second thought today, since she’s so clearly improving.

I’m hoping the vet can just glue her shut, you know?

As for yesterday, yes, I did remove the comments calling me a slut and a tramp. I kept them, so I can check IPs against them later if I need to. And it’s not even like it bothers me to be called a slut or a tramp by anonymous people on the internet. Shit, especially when I’m all at full volume worried about the cat, they’re barely making background noise.

But, actually, it was just because they were barely making background noise. They weren’t looking to have a discussion or anything. They just came over from The Tennessean and spouted the same abusive crap here that they’d spout over there.

It does make me wonder, though, about whether any traffic is good traffic. If all The Tennessean can send me is abusive, anonymous assholes, is it really a benefit or a compliment to be linked to from them? Even if The Tennessean can focus a firehose of eyes on a person, is it worth it?

I don’t know. If there are those of you who got here from The Tennessean and are just lurking and trying to get a feel for the place and trying to decide if you like it, please know that this isn’t about you. Even if you do decide I’m too trampy or slutty for you to read, just deciding “Well, then, I won’t read her” is completely good manners. Thanks for stopping by and not wiping metaphorical shit on yourself while insisting it’s supposed to be some kind of comment on my appropriateness.

But this whole thing kind of goes hand-in-hand with the problem of not moderating your comments. All discussions aren’t actually good discussions and all visitors you send a blog aren’t necessarily people that blogger wants to be on the radar of.