The New Kitty is Tough

I woke up and she was on my bed! Granted, I lifted her down. And then I found her on the kitchen counter. Stuck again but I lifted her down. Now, she’s kind of stuck on top of the stereo but I’ll go lift her down.

And she’s running around, this weird, more like a bunny hop than a run, since she is only faking being able to put weight on that front leg. But, her limp is so slight this morning that, I swear, if I hadn’t checked yesterday afternoon to see for sure that she was in one piece, I wouldn’t have given her injury a second thought today, since she’s so clearly improving.

I’m hoping the vet can just glue her shut, you know?

As for yesterday, yes, I did remove the comments calling me a slut and a tramp. I kept them, so I can check IPs against them later if I need to. And it’s not even like it bothers me to be called a slut or a tramp by anonymous people on the internet. Shit, especially when I’m all at full volume worried about the cat, they’re barely making background noise.

But, actually, it was just because they were barely making background noise. They weren’t looking to have a discussion or anything. They just came over from The Tennessean and spouted the same abusive crap here that they’d spout over there.

It does make me wonder, though, about whether any traffic is good traffic. If all The Tennessean can send me is abusive, anonymous assholes, is it really a benefit or a compliment to be linked to from them? Even if The Tennessean can focus a firehose of eyes on a person, is it worth it?

I don’t know. If there are those of you who got here from The Tennessean and are just lurking and trying to get a feel for the place and trying to decide if you like it, please know that this isn’t about you. Even if you do decide I’m too trampy or slutty for you to read, just deciding “Well, then, I won’t read her” is completely good manners. Thanks for stopping by and not wiping metaphorical shit on yourself while insisting it’s supposed to be some kind of comment on my appropriateness.

But this whole thing kind of goes hand-in-hand with the problem of not moderating your comments. All discussions aren’t actually good discussions and all visitors you send a blog aren’t necessarily people that blogger wants to be on the radar of.

11 thoughts on “The New Kitty is Tough

  1. I often wonder about the commenters that spew that kind of thing – not only at our local paper’s website, but all over the web. Specifically I wonder about where they *shouted* before the internet and the ability to comment came along.

    Prior to working at home as a freelancer, I worked downtown for five years and our offices overlooked Riverfront Park. There were the regular homeless people – we had even named a couple of them as we saw them so often. One day a new person came onto the scene. She was a slightly-built African American lady, and she was standing out on the brick area off of 1st Avenue. My coworker called me down to her office to watch the scene. The woman was standing there, facing our building and looking up, screaming “FUH! FUH! —– FUUUUUH” — this went on for about 5 minutes, as if she were building up to something. Finally she got it out in one long “FUUUUUUUUCK YOOOOOOU!” That is how I like to imagine those commenters prior to being able to get their ya yas out online.

  2. Me, too. I mean, I think the Tennessean is a lousy newspaper, but I sure don’t know why they would send haters your way.

  3. Well, I don’t understand why the TNan would have linked to that, but I’ll just put it on the long list of things I don’t understand about the TNan.

    But, yeah, I can see a direct connection between being a tramp and concern for small mammals. Now that you mention it.

    And I wait to hear that the new kitty is racing around with her usual gait, soon.

  4. All this: YES!!! Most especially re: kitty.

    Also, take it from me: The ones who spew hatred, bile and assorted vitriol and nonsense used to just call the newspapers, TV stations and law-enforcement agencies and cuss whomever answered to get their ya-yas out. With the advent of Teh Internets, and caller ID, they can now shout one-handed at strangers from the comfort of their basement recliners without fear of losing anonymity.

    Oh, wait. IP addresses. Heh. ;oD

  5. God, people are such assholes. Good on you for deleting those comments.

    And aren’t cats amazing with their regenerative powers? My mother-in-law’s siamese cat regrew an entire TOE on time after it got ripped off on one of his adventures. It grew back with white fur… on a black paw.

    Hope the vet has good news for your kitty.

  6. ^Uh, that would be “one time.” Although I’m sure if there had been a deadline for him to regrow it he would have made it, no problem.

  7. You and your kitty sure are tough, trampy sluts. Kidding, about you. Is the kitty old enough to fix? Cause if you don’t (I assume you will), then yeah, she’ll be a slutty tramp.

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