Oh, the Vet.

First, I love my vet. That is all.

Second, she found the new kitty’s paw pad! And it’s still getting blood. She thinks there’s a good chance it will reattach and new kitty will be whole. We have ointment for her wound that we have to squirt in there twice a day (we’ll see if the Butcher’s up for helping me) and antibiotics she has to take twice a day. And we have to rinse her wound twice a day. Her biggest challenge will be infection. But the wound looks good, so the antibiotics should take care of that. Second biggest challenge? But most important? Keeping the flies out of the wound. We do not want maggots.

Needless to say, the cat will not be allowed outside until she heals up.

But apparently in the heat of the summer, flies and their offspring are a real problem.

Anyway, she goes back to the vet next week, hopefully for an all-clear.

I voted on the way in after the vet. I went to the wrong church on Kings Lane at first. Silly me for going to the polling place nearest my house. And then, at the actual polling place, the woman had me check that I was applying to vote in the Democratic primary. Which is clearly not right.

So, democracy. It’s stupid. Literally.

8 thoughts on “Oh, the Vet.

  1. The HAPPINESS! Continue to heal, kitty. You have a fine B taking care of all you four-legs!

    And about declaring a party preference in Tennessee primaries: That makes me madder than blazes every time it happens. It is yet another opportunity for disenfranchisement. If I want to cross party lines as an independent voter in a primary (for multiple offices), I cannot, so I am prevented from casting my ballots for the candidates of my choice. Gr.

  2. I’m going to go ahead and blame you for the dream I had last night…my dog was swimming in a pool, and a polar bear wandered up and attacked her. I manage to get myself and my dog in the house, only to notice that part of my dog’s foot is missing. No blood, jagged edges, but a large, open wound in which I can see bone and muscle.

    Not sure how the polar bear got there, but you are clearly to blame for doggy’s missing toes.

    Glad the kitty is doing well :)

  3. I’m glad New Kitty is doing well, too!

    (But can you expand on where and how Dr. Nicevet found the paw pad? I mean, did she come over and look under the sofa, and presto?)

  4. Oh, no. Poor new kitty. The paw pad was (and warning, what I am about to describe is gross on par with having to keep an eye out for maggots) seemed to be kind of stuck in the wound (hence why I didn’t see it where it belonged). The vet kind of flattened and smoothed out the piece of skin it’s on and made the determination that it is still getting blood. So, hopefully it will survive.

  5. Ahhhhhh. I see. And I also see why you didn’t put that in the main entry. My curiosity about the cat has now killed me.

  6. Well first of all……….hope the kitties feeling ok :) My kitty is currently trying to bite several of my limbs, and errm, other places…
    Secondly, about something you mentioned in one of your other posts…i’m glad your ignoring those foul-talking, slutt-calling people who think they can diss innocent blog writers…especially a blog as great as this ;)
    And thirdly..yess maggots are seriously something…i woke up yesterday to find them in my kittys food can…all four girls in the house, yes including mama,* went into panick attack…i will never leave a can open overnight again. I say, he either eats it, or he dont…:s

  7. Silly me for going to the polling place nearest my house.
    Yes, I have to vote at a place much further from my house too, although there are two polling places closer to me. And a friend of mine said his polling place got moved this year, and it’s even further away from his house as his last one.

    This is why I early vote. The early voting location is closer to my house than my actual polling place.

    Can someone explain this to me? Is this to spread stuff around, maybe? Because if there’s, say, a housing development near a polling place there’d be more voters in one location than another or something? I really don’t get it. Or, are they just trying to fuck with people, make voting inconvenient in the hopes they won’t actually bother?

    And then, at the actual polling place, the woman had me check that I was applying to vote in the Democratic primary. Which is clearly not right.

    That’s not only not right, I believe it’s a violation of election law. You aren’t supposed to be asked your party affiliation at the voting location (especially in non-partisan elections but also, just not EVER unless it actually IS a primary!). I hope you got the woman’s name and called the Election Commission, she should have been removed from her post immediately and should not serve in that capacity again unless she’s retrained.

    We ran into this a lot in the 2004 Presidential Election. If a person is asked their party affiliation it’s the same as asking them who they are voting for. It’s a form of voter intimidation and raises questions about fraud.

  8. It can’t be about housing developments by me because there are three polling places within a city block of each other, with only three houses between two of them and like four businesses between the other one and the polling place.

    It makes no sense.

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