An Open Letter to Ron “Gun-Jumper” Ramsey

Dear Gun-Jumper,

1. Aren’t we having to petition to be exempted from NCLB this year? And isn’t the election next year? Maybe you should wait until you can show that Republican policies have improved education before bragging.

2. Teacher are in unions. So… how can you be pro-teacher and anti-union? Can I be pro-Ron Ramsey and anti-Christian? Could you be pro-B. but anti-boob freckle? I think not.

3. The way you stroke that chip on your shoulder is starting to seem a little… well… you know. Like stroking stroking. It’s starting to make me uncomfortable. If you can be the Lt. Governor of a state and still be that insecure, it’s probably time to talk to your pastor or a therapist about that.

4. YOU WON. You’ve defeated the big liberal boogie-man. If you don’t know how to govern without having a liberal strawman dragon you need to slay–if you can’t offer the people of Tennessee actual leadership, just “we’re not like those lying snobs,” you’re going to run this state into the ground. So, get 3. taken care of, get your insecurities in check, and lead. Actually lead.

Writing editorials about who you hate and how you’re going to punish them? That’s not leadership. That’s more of the “pew pew” finger gun nonsense we all saw while you were campaigning for governor.

It doesn’t make people think you’re telling them the truth. It makes them think you’re off your rocker.



p.s. Most people in Memphis are black. Most teachers are women. Believe me, we all know “you’re one of the good ones, not like those ones who are the real problem” is not actually a compliment.