Fiddling While Rome Burns

The world is falling apart. Is it natural to retreat into art and beautiful things or just a way of keeping our heads in the sand? Or both?

I don’t know.

I had a thought this evening that there’s a pretty hilarious book for someone to write about a private investigator who takes only small, shitty cases. You lost your glasses? She’ll help. You think your daughter is taking an impractical route home from school? She’ll tail her and recommend she turn right and go down to a little-used road rather than going straight.

It’s just like, who, when the bad things are so big, and when you probably don’t have a job, wouldn’t like the satisfaction of completing small tasks?

3 thoughts on “Fiddling While Rome Burns

  1. I find that small things of beauty bring me to tears these days, they are so starkly different from the general state of things.

    I’d read that book, though.

  2. I would read or write that book. I imagine she would eventually be persuaded to try taking on a bigger case, and she solves it BY finding someone’s glasses, and nearly dies and just goes “oh fuck this, i’m going back to cats in the neighbor’s garden!”

  3. I love this idea. That would make a great book. Especially since I’m dealing with the world going to hell by putting my fingers in my ears and humming loudly.

    And I also love your name, startledoctopus. (But, um, did you just ink on me?)

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