Hemlock or Queen Anne’s Lace

One thing that never fails to surprise me, even at this late stage, is just how much poisonous crap is growing around. And I say this as someone with foxglove in her garden.

Part of the problem is that you can walk by some lacy thing every day for years and say “Oh, that’s some weird, rounded-head smaller-blossoming strain of Queen Anne’s Lace” and then it dawns on you that it’s probably not Queen Anne’s Lace at all, but hemlock. Just growing along the road. Waiting for some philosopher to need a way to escape persecution.

This weekend was kind of a bust. I got a lot of stuff I needed to get done done, but I didn’t really schedule any social time other than what I tagged along with the Butcher on. And I probably should have. I tried to medicate the cat myself yesterday and am now sporting a couple of respectable cat scratches on my chest. But she really does do a good job of taking her medicine, I’ll grant her that. I guess her mom’s probably to thank–taught her well to just swallow whatever white crap squirts in her mouth. (Yes, we have already made those “that’s what she said” jokes to each other, no need to make them in the comments.)

I’m feeling kind of in a rut, but part of my “getting things done” thing this weekend was to check and see “Nope, not a rut. Actually it’s called ‘waiting’.”

I’ve also been meaning to say something substantive about Campfield’s “Let’s strip aid to poor people if their kids are shitty students” idea, but it seems so self-apparent that this is not only a bad idea, but also that we’re all watching a man play out his sadistic fantasies of being able to keep people weaker than him afraid of him that it’s really time to stop treating him like a harmless joke. He may be a joke. But he takes enormous pleasure in hurting people he has power over. That’s not harmless.

This is also why I’m tired of the whole “Oh, he’s gay” bullshit. Really? You think gay men have some trait in common (other than loving men) which is malignant hatred of people with little power? A lot of people up on the Hill crack gay jokes about Campfield because they’re trying to blow him off as some harmless guy with issues. Well, he’s not harmless. And being gay doesn’t equal hating women and children. I think we need to watch our insults of our enemies that they don’t carry some sting for our friends, you know?

7 thoughts on “Hemlock or Queen Anne’s Lace

  1. Holy crap! You’re so smart! The last sentence of this post is positively rhapsodic! Spread your word!

  2. I suspect some misuse the “oh, he’s gay” insult-explanation because they’re too lazy (and rude) to note that whatever his not-really-relevant preference, his clear self-hatred is the impetus for so much of his attempts at legislation. The misogyny, xenophobia and elitism he continues to show point to someone who has deep-seated problems with himself and lashes out at others to try to ease some of that self-hatred. Calling him “gay” in an attempt to dismiss him is, as you very correctly note, not only ridiculously insulting to gay people but a stupid and lazy way to underestimate of how low he can, and will, go.

    I am continually alarmed by the fact that he and people like him not only are elected to public office but *remain* there. That means more people agree with that behavior than not, and that horrifies me. You actually *want* someone like that handling your business for you?

  3. That means more people agree with that behavior than not, and that horrifies me. You actually *want* someone like that handling your business for you?

    Correction, it means more people vote for them than against him. A big part of the reason we have some of the politicians we do is because ALOT (dare I assume a majoirty) of voting people don’t even know who or what they are voting for, they just vote for the person with a specific letter behind their name because that’s what they’ve always done.

  4. That and voting just for names they recognize. And Campfield does a great job of making sure he has good name recognition in his district.

  5. You’d think, though, that “good name recognition” would mean “horrified by the very sight of his name on the ballot” instead of “AWHELLYEAH I’ll vote for him, there’s that Ar-uh next to his name.”

    Yes, thanks, dolphin, and B. I’m continually alarmed that so many of the few (“so many of the few”? Boy, is that a slogan) who do bother to haul their carcasses down to the polls might as well be blindfolded and drunk when those curtains are pulled. I don’t idly pull the trigger for a “D” next to someone’s name, nor do I absolutely refuse to go on the “R” side if I agree with that particular person’s positions.

    There are a lot of crickets around me whenever I vote, obviously.

  6. For the record, I’ve never just said “oh he’s gay.”

    Because I don’t think he’s gay.

    I think he has psychosexual developmental problems which may manifest themselves in a sort of self-hating homosexual acting out.

    But that is no more “gay” than someone like Jeffrey Dahmer or John Wayne Gacy is “gay”.

    There’s a huge difference between gender preference and sexual paraphilia that is hard to explain. But sexual paraphilia has its roots in a psychological illness, whereas sexual preference does not.

    It bugs me that a lot of people resort to the shorthand of saying “he’s gay” because that reverts back to the thinking of the 1950s which lumped all psychosexual illnesses in with simple sexual preference and was unable to discern the difference between healthy same-gender attachment and mental illness.

    So whenever I discuss Campfield’s apparent issues I am ALWAYS very careful to explain that The Boy Ain’t Right In The Head instead of just dismissing it as “gay”.

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