Lt. Governor Gun-Jumper Ramsey Wants Child-Starving Policy

Dear lord, what the fuck is up with these Republicans sitting around pondering all the ways they can cause Tennessee children to starve?! I mean, shoot, yes, I suppose that’s one way to curb childhood obesity–we’ll just let our children starve to death. But it seems like we might take less drastic actions of some sort.

But here’s the thing. Most people on welfare are women and children. If you drug-test women and deny them welfare, here’s what will happen: Mothers who are on drugs won’t be able to get welfare, which will mean they won’t be able to feed their children. That means we will have to pay for their children to go into the Foster Care system. The Foster Care system in Tennessee is, to put it mildly, fucked. Kids in foster care (assuming they would actually get in) are not necessarily better off than kids whose moms are functional drug addicts.

And yes, I find that last sentence absolutely terrifying as well. But that’s reality.

You know, one thing I find strange is that one of the most common criticisms of liberals by conservatives is that we want to engage in all this somehow unnatural social engineering. Enacting policies that cause kids to either starve or be taken from their mothers is also social engineering. And very intimate social engineering.

We’d need to have a much more functional Department of Children’s Services before I’d be comfortable dumping even more children into the system. And why isn’t the cost of increased children under the wing of the Department of Children’s Services also in the fiscal note?

5 thoughts on “Lt. Governor Gun-Jumper Ramsey Wants Child-Starving Policy

  1. I don’t even know how to respond to this stuff any more. I notice in the linked article that Ketron considers it deliberate falsification to be given numbers he doesn’t like, and that sort of says it all more me about the government of this state. I will give up and curl into a tiny ball. Unless maybe the fake Capt. Morgan from the commercials can seduce them all into looking around and really seeing the people who live here?

  2. God, yes, we need Commercial Captain Morgan to use his powers of eye-seduction for good.

    It is disheartening. And I honestly don’t see it getting any better any time soon.

  3. The heart of what we in the U.S. call ‘conservatism’ is meanness, plain and simple. Unfortunately, it isn’t the polar opposite of what we call ‘liberalism,’ but merely a more direct approach to much the same ends. As evidenced by the ‘differences’ between, say, Bush and Obama, it is more about style than substance. Conservatism encourages you to say ‘fuck you’ to your next-door neighbor if it gets you a higher return on your investment. Liberalism encourages you to achieve that return by fucking over someone a few blocks away while being polite to your next-door neighbor.

    So, given the choice, which option will a society steeped in systemic and culturally ingrained hatred choose? I think you wrote a post about this dynamic some years ago, B., but I couldn’t find it.

    It makes me think of my city’s recently elected mayor, whose first solution to the city’s budget woes is to say ‘fuck you’ to all the city workers (who didn’t have the clout to get appointed to six-figure incomes). This was essentially his campaign promise, and he got 55% of the bothered-to-show-up vote in a Democratic (and ostensibly liberal) city. So it makes me wonder if there’s more than just meanness at work here; maybe there’s also some moral cowardice. Got a systemic problem? Piss on someone weaker and more vulnerable than you, or at least someone who you can reach, no matter if fucking them over will actually solve your problem. But by all means, don’t even breathe in the direction of those who make a killing by fucking over everyone, because maybe you not-so-secretly wish you were in their evil shoes.

  4. And what do they do when they find out most women on welfare are not, in fact, drug addicts?

    What then?

    Also, refresh my memory but isn’t there a prominent female Republican in our state legislature whose husband owns a chain of labs that tests things like DNA and blood for drugs and whatnot? Remind me who that is? Diane Black?

  5. SB,

    Yes. Congressman Black was Representative Black and Senator Black in the Tennessee Legislature for a number of years. Her relationship to her husband’s business was thoroughly vetted in the years when both Houses were in Democratic control.

    To the issue of fiscal notes, there is a long history of departments or legislative leadership influencing their size for various reasons. Last year, for example, the Department of Health used an inflated fiscal note to stop legislation that would have raised the level of quality for home visiting programs funded by state money.

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