I Think the New Kitty is Feeling Better

Now getting her to wash off her wound and let us fill it with gunk and then stuff her full of antibiotics has gotten to be… shall we say… not as easy. It’s good we have a system and that I have someone like the Butcher who can hold her. But she escaped outside on me on Sunday and on him yesterday. Both times, she was only outside for a minute or two, but obviously, she’s bored in the house and feeling up to snuff.

The wound looks better, for sure, but her paw pad is still kind of loosely flopping around. I should have figured that would be the last thing to heal up, being the heaviest part, but I still feel like it’s taking forever. I should have taken pictures so I could look and say, “Oh, right, huge inch and a half long gash in which you could not help but see a cat’s innards and with which we thought her paw pad was missing” to “ugh her paw pad just isn’t attached yet.”

Still, I think we’re all ready for this to be over.

But also, thank the gods that this was easy enough to take care of.

2 thoughts on “I Think the New Kitty is Feeling Better

  1. It’s nice when they feel better but it also does have a downside.

    For instance, the cat who was literally 5 minutes from being euth’ed(kidney failure-I was never so glad to see a cat pee) now feeling well enough to leap away when being given her sub-q fluids. With enough force to bend the needle. Yeah! and argh! combined.

  2. I’m glad she’s feeling better. But washing a cat and medicating a cat and keeping a cat still are, to my mind, fit for inclusion in the Labours of Hercules.

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