The Whole World of Pasta is Open to the Redheaded Kid Now

The Butcher and I just taught the Redheaded Kid how to boil water and make hot dogs. He’s really tickled with himself. It’s cute.

But now we’re fighting with him about being prejudiced against tall scrawny white guys, because he refused to watch any movie with Jessie Eisenberg and/or Michael Sera in it.

I’m not sure how a dude gets to be the Redheaded Kid’s age without knowing how to boil water, but he assures us he’s a good omelet cooker and can make a fine grilled cheese sandwich.

3 thoughts on “The Whole World of Pasta is Open to the Redheaded Kid Now

  1. I don’t know how old the Redheaded Kid is, but I got to 21 without being able to boil water, let alone cook an omelet or a grilled sandwich! (I was banned from the kitchen for being fat, which meant that I had no cooking skills, which meant that when I left home…I could only eat pre-prepared meals and gained weight! Vicious cycle!)

  2. I think also going on with the Redheaded Kid was the whole “You’re going to probably die” thing. I’m sure his mom enjoyed doting on him, thinking their time together would be short. So, she cooked for him.

    And now that his heart condition has been discovered to just be epilepsy?

    Well, now dude can learn how to make hotdogs. Ha ha ha.

    We tease, but we’re all relieved.

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