2 thoughts on “Ugh

  1. Oh please don’t get me started. Please. oops. You did.

    I was sucked into watching two episodes of Ice Loves CoCo on Saturday morning (it’s a fun show, okay?!?) and while I have always respected Ice-T and now think a lot more highly of CoCo I have to say that watching the episode where they have a dual book signing at Book Expo was just…

    It kind of made a part of me die.

  2. Cheer up. With their money they can afford to hire the best ghost writer since Theodore Sorenson. And imagine what a talented writer could do with their story. Steven King’s take on the Kartrashians would be both scary and hilarious. At worst thousands of trees will die for a piece of unimportant fiction that won’t be any more offensive than all the other pointless novels that clog the shelves of bookstores. Which may be a big part of why bookstores are becoming scarce.

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