Me & My Dream of Kris Kristofferson

Last night I dreamed I had to escort Kris Kristofferson to my alma mater where he was going to perform an intimate concert at the English Department. And, for some reason, he got so drunk he couldn’t perform and so Willie and Waylon had to step in and sing along (luckily) and then Hank Jr. showed up, took his clothes off, and sang a really beautiful rendition of “Blue Bayou.” Why my subconscious assumed he’d do that in his underwear, I don’t know. But there you go.

The worst part is that none of the kids who came, at the invitation of the College Professor, even knew who these guys were.

The whole dream was about all this anxiety I felt because the show was going poorly and ruining their reputations, and that it didn’t matter because the kids didn’t know these guys’ reputations anyway.

8 thoughts on “Me & My Dream of Kris Kristofferson

  1. Now, if I were having that dream I would have tried to steer it so that Kris and Waylon took their clothes off and Hank Jr. put his back on.

    And your own reputation is just fine, and is enhanced by the work you do.

  2. Must be something causing celebrity-themed dreams because I know several people who’ve had them recently.

    A few nights ago I dreamed a long infomercial for some kind of car wax that ended with Henry Kissinger popping up and saying (I shit you not!), “If we could have made our tanks shine like this, we would have won in Vietnam.”

  3. NM, I, too, am not particularly anxious to see Bocephus in his underwear, but his rendition of Blue Bayou was so beautiful that I now wonder if I should be agitating for that somehow in real life.

    Scott, that is hilarious.

  4. If it helps, I doubt that there are too many people under 60 who really get Kristofferson, readers of this blog and maybe people who live in Nashville or Austin aside. I went to see him in Houston in the late ’80s when I was a college kid, and I was the youngest person in the room by a good twenty years. Maybe thirty.

    It’s a shame his voice is pretty shot, because damn that guy can write a lyric.

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