And Yet, Debra Maggart is Still in Office

Debra Maggart says:

Last fall, voters throughout the nation signaled they wanted a fundamental change in how government operates. From Washington to Nashville, a clear message was sent that government needed to scale back to its constitutional roots and remove itself from the equation so the private sector can take the lead once more in providing jobs for Americans.

Of course, if we return to our country’s roots, Maggart can’t vote or run for office. And yet, even as she urges others to return to said roots, you don’t see her resigning from the state legislature or turning in her voter’s registration card, do you?

Funny how that works.

4 thoughts on “And Yet, Debra Maggart is Still in Office

  1. No one in the SCDP has the cojones to go after her. They continue to run people against her who are too scared to call her out on policy (or lack thereof). I was laughed at by party leaders when I expressed an interest in running. After that and their inability to know my name, I removed myself from all email and social media involving the SCDP. I cannot condone or participate in apathy. Get pissed off and do something.

  2. You should have seen her on the floor of the House debating the repeal of the teacher bargaining law. Harry Brooks hovered right behind her the entire time she was at the podium, like the concerned parent of a particularly clumsy child learning to ride a bike.

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