Cooler Does Not Mean Cool

The cat had her follow-up visit with the vet. She has to continue her hydrotherapy until the wound closes up completely, but she’s done with the oral antibiotics. And she got her vaccines. They’re only doing the upper respiratory vaccines every three years now and she says she thinks they’ll soon recommend only doing rabies every three years. She says the problem is that you’re required by law to vaccinate for rabies every year, so even if the recommended standard changes, it’ll be a while before the legal standard does.

When I got home, I got read the riot act by Mrs. Wigglebottom who could not believe I’d go somewhere–even to the vet–without her. So we went out to Bells Bend, since the weather is cooler than it has been all summer.

And then we were both like “Oh my god, is there not someone we can call to come get us?!” when we were about halfway through our walk. It would have been okay in the shade, but there’s not (yet) a lot of shade to be found at that park. The dog is wiped out. She could barely lift her head to get her treat at Sonic, which I found to be shameful.

But, honestly, I’m sitting here thinking “Okay, if I get up to pee now, does that mean I don’t have to get off the couch until Monday?”

New Kitty is asleep in her favorite chair, recuperating from her trip to the vet.

I will say this for my vet–she is amazingly fearless and I think that’s part of why she’s so good. Since our cats are indoor/outdoor, they get wormed. And the vet just popped open the cat’s mouth, shot the pill right down her throat and then scraped some pasty crap right up the top of the cat’s mouth. Cat was too startled to even complain.

But it made me wonder. Do cat’s have Jacobson’s Organs? I thought I saw a weird opening at the top of the cat’s mouth. Ooo, according to Wikipedia, they do! And we may even have vestigial Jacobson’s Organs ourselves. That’s cool. I will now spend the afternoon willing mine to start functioning again.