Warning: Extremely Creepy Kid Thingy In Photos Below

I have two things to say about Mt. Olivet Cemetery, excluding the vandalism. 1. It’s a hoot to walk through all the gravestones and recognize names because of street names in town. 2. I like the creepy gothic open look on tombs, just not with little kids stuck in them. See below, if you dare.

Edited to add: Also, creepy teddy bear. Be warned.

2 thoughts on “Warning: Extremely Creepy Kid Thingy In Photos Below

  1. Did a little research. You’ll like the history of Major Eugene C. Lewis, buried in the pyramid. [He didn’t bring the mummy here from Egypt. That was Jeremiah George Harris. Oh and one local psychic, back in 1989, claimed we should send the mummy home because it didn’t like it here and was haunting people.]

    He was an early director of city parks, first building Watkins Park. And he was integral in the designs of Centennial and Shelby parks. It was his idea to build the Parthenon. And there was a pyramid next to it during the fair.

    The star on his grave points to true north.

  2. But what happened to Harris’s other mummies?! We need a paranormal investigative reporter to work for one of the local papers.

    But this is some awesome history! Wow.

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