Chill is in the Air

The Butcher reminds me that we will get at least one more bout of miserably hot weather before fall settles in. But today there was a definite coolness to the breeze while the dog and I were out walking.

The Tennessee State Library and Archives tree is losing its leaves. Not a lot, but enough to concern me. The stuff I got says you just need to use it once a year, but would it be wrong to use it again, say at the first of September, if the alternate is maybe losing the tree? When my dad is here this weekend, I’m going to have him consider it with me. The holes in the trunk still only come up about two and a half feet, but I feel like there are some new ones.

I am thinking about writing a story about The Thing. I’m just completely fascinated about wondering where it went after the Allens. I won’t give away the tiny bit of the plot I have worked out in my head, but, suffice to say, it stayed around Nashville.