Introducing the World’s Slowest on the Uptake History Buff

I was chatting with someone about the old, old city cemetery, in the back yard of the Geist Furnace, which is supposed to be empty and everyone moved to the new, now old city cemetery and the new proposed ball field north of the capitol came up and apparently archaeologists have some concerns about digging around there.

You know me, folks, I am a history buff–in fact the world’s slowest on the uptake history buff–but I can’t get worked up about digging anywhere north of the capitol and south of Jefferson because Nashvillians spent the 19th Century ransacking the Indian burial ground that used to be there and taking home bones and pottery as souvenirs. If the ball field involves pulling up a lot of concrete and giving time to archaeologists to see what, if anything, is left to be salvaged, that seems like a good opportunity.

That was my thought last night.

This morning, just now, I realized a.) you probably can’t understand the Spiritualist movement in Nashville without taking into account just how many dead folks they were constantly digging up while plowing or building houses or just being curious. Bones everywhere. b.) Oh, duh. Of course they put the first city cemetery there. It was already a cemetery.


So slow on the uptake.


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