The Red-Headed Kid’s Whole Family Is Funny

The Red-Headed Kid is here and he’s telling us about his little nephew who’s a year and a half old. They like to ask him what noises things make.

“How does a dog go?” “Bark, bark, ruff, ruff.”

“How does a cow go?” “Moo, moo.”

“How does Granny go?” “No, no, no.”

We’re now learning that, if you do this in front of the Red-headed Kid’s mom, who is the mooing, barking, noing kid’s grandma, you will get in trouble.

And now we’re developing a plan to launch the Red-headed Kid’s dad into professional golf, apparently because his melt-downs are hilarious and should be shared with the world.

I love visits from the Red-headed Kid.

One thought on “The Red-Headed Kid’s Whole Family Is Funny

  1. For the following to be funny, you need to understand that I grew up in a politically active Democratic family in Washington D.C. in the ’70s.

    I was raised to believe that the doggy says bow wow, the kitty cat says meow and the elephant says Watergate.

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