Things to Amuse You This Afternoon

1. Photos where half the face is one person and half the face is another–like father/son, mother/daughter, brother/sister. It’s weird, but cool.

2. Good discussion about the future of books.

3. Francis Bean wants to be a singer. Understandable, but, ugh, also a strange choice considering what the job did to her parents.

4. Lord almighty, our lawyers sound like assholes. I mean, I know that’s part of doing your job, but still.

5. Some days I just want to sit next to Coble and listen to her describe the world from her path. I find it often illuminates mine.

6. My first thought was “Put some lemon juice on it” like you do when you’re trying to stop biting your nails. And then I realized how very, very stupid that advice would be.

7. Okay, here’s a weirdness I don’t quite know how to wrap my head around. The Knoxville News-Sentinal has been… um… may we say… not unbiased when reporting on Henry Granju’s death in a way that has been difficult for his family. Okay, fine. It’s not right, but, as the song says, it’s okay. But, why, then did they put her up for best blog in their readers’ poll?

I don’t ask this lightly: what kind of dick move is that?

Let’s even say that KNS believes their reporting has been fair. They also know it has been excruciating for Granju and her family and they know they’re running an open sewer disguised as a comment section where every anonymous asshole in town can run her down however they want.

And then this? “We know our reporting has been difficult for you. We know our commenters have been unbelievably cruel to you and your family, but hey! We think you’re one of the best blogs in town.”

That’s fucking disgusting.

It’s like the abusive boyfriend who slaps you “for your own good,” lets all his friends talk shit about you, and then offers you flowers.

So, I guess that’s not amusing. I mean, it’s amusing in that way when you side-eye an asshole and notice everyone else is side-eyeing him too, but it’s not fun-amusing, for sure.

4 thoughts on “Things to Amuse You This Afternoon

  1. On the other hand, it would also be a dick move to ignore the blog in Knoxville that has the most national buzz and that has been doing outstanding work in the public interest. Then they’d really look…ummm…biased.

  2. Holy cow! Just noticed I am an amusing thing…which is nice.

    As to the KNS mess–> I’m endeavouring to stay out of the larger story.

    But it does seem, as others said, their hands are tied. Well, that and the Granjus MUST sell papers, given the unbelievable amount of ink the KNS has put behind this.

    So it’s a win-win for them. They’ve gotten to look magnanimous by giving her blog a pat on the back but then they also get to stoke the fires that keep people coming back to their website.

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