We are So Very, Very Classy

Okay, so first, yes, we do have an old stopper hanging from our towel rack like a trophy. But may I direct your attention to the blue yarn emerging from the tank, looping over the towel rack, and the landing gently just within reach of any toilet sitters?

That, my friends, is apparently how we are going to flush our toilet until Friday.

No, no, don’t be jealous. I’m happy to have the Butcher come over and rig you up a yarn-pull flush on your toilet, too. Why should all the elegance be mine alone?

6 thoughts on “We are So Very, Very Classy

  1. Ha! That’s actually quite clever. When our toilet was broken — and we didn’t have the part to fix it right away — we would plunge our hands into the back of the toilet to pull up the stopper by hand. Now that’s classy.

  2. You know, it works very, very well, too. My only concern is that the end of the yarn is lower than the toilet tank.. Yes, it goes over the towel bar high above it, but I have this vague recollection from high school physics that we still could end up with water on the floor.

  3. I could be wrong, but I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that. I imagine it’s like siphoning from a gas tank, once the liquid is flowing it goes, but you do have to get it started.

    MAYBE if the full length of the yarn was already wet (though I have my doubts there too), but I don’t think it’s gonna wick up like that on it’s own.

  4. I lived in a house with some roomates in college and when our toilet flushing doohickies malfunction, i was just amazed to learn that none of them had ever taken the lid off of a toilet tank before and had NO idea how flushing worked. They also didn’t know about circuit breakers. *facepalm*

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