More on Yodeling

Oooh, here’s a cool article about it. It’s weird to think about Marco Polo bringing yodeling to the Alps, but, hell, I guess that, if my grandmother could be born into a world without chocolate chip cookies, if Thomas Jefferson had to invent macaroni and cheese, it just goes to show that things have to start someplace.

Poor Thomas Jefferson. You know, I like to think of him just smearing his smarts all over the founding of America, running around being all dashing and complex, fatally tainted by the original sin of slavery.

But this macaroni and cheese thing? I don’t know. It’s more like “Don’t mind me, America, I’ll just be over here fucking my dead wife’s enslaved sister while stuffing my face with mac and cheese. No, I’m fine. Really.”

3 thoughts on “More on Yodeling

  1. I’m a little dubious about that Marco Polo connection, since versions of yodeling show up in mountainous regions all over the world and I don’t think he got around all that much. They’re really gonna have to come up with some documentation on that one.

  2. Unless Polo was just a really, really loud yodeler and he got up on top of a tall mountain, yodeled, and brought it to the rest of the world.

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