I have my rough drafts of all my best of Nashvilles done. They suck. Not terribly, but you know, sometimes you write and everything is just perfect and you say just what you want to say how you want to say it and sometimes you put some words down on paper solely so that you’ve left a written record for yourself of what words to not use in which combinations. I am closer to the latter than the former.

But stuff with “Frank” is coming together really nicely and in ways that I won’t feel so jinxy about in a little bit. Just for now, in case something happens, I’m just trying to be happy and share excitement without leaving egg on my face if something terrible should happen. Because I am Midwestern and I cannot, apparently, just enjoy shit, but must always be prepared in case it is snatched back.

Oh well.

I need to come up with some discussion questions for my cousin’s book group.

And I got nothing written for Pith.

Ha, this isn’t even a post. It’s just a to do list. A long and dragging out to do list.

The book is A Century of Junes and I just can’t decide if I like it.

Also, I let the new kitty out, even though she’s not completely healed, because she asked so nice and cute. Ugh. I hope that doesn’t go poorly.