Well, I had an exciting trip to the endocrinologist this afternoon. Had to get stuck in both arms and even then, my “good” veins rolled on them. To get any blood at all, it took two of them and they had to hold the vials way out from my arm. It was weird. And somewhat painful.

But it was fine. They worked me in early and I was there for no longer than twenty minutes. I didn’t even get to read my book. And before that, nm and I went to the new Judge Bean’s on Church and daydreamed a little about my ascent to New York Times Bestseller-dom. Ha. No, but we did talk about how nice it is to feel like you might, just might do something you enjoy well.

And now I’m done wearing a bra for the day!

Victory is mine!

2 thoughts on “Rolling

  1. It’s good, but it’s a shit ton of food. Like I got a tamale and it was enormous, plus it came with two sides! I had to make the waitress take my fries from me before I ate them all and made myself sick.

    So, yes, that”s kind of a weird complaint–too much food at too low a price!

    But, yeah, definitely try it.

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