Things I Learned Today

1. Cleaning out the garage is a huge task with only one garbage can. Seriously, I’m betting half the stuff in there can just be tossed and yet, we have no place to toss it. I got about a quarter done.

2. I still don’t know where Sue Allen is buried. It’s weird she’s not by her husband, isn’t it? I kind of wonder if she IS by her husband, but they couldn’t afford a headstone. Maybe I need to call over to Mt. Olivet and just ask. Otherwise, I have to find a way to see if and what her obit says.

3. Sue inherited Edminston Place, which stood on Franklin Road. The cemetery survey has what is/was on the gravestones in that cemetery. The “In memory of my grandmother & grandfather” business makes me wonder if she didn’t put up the gravestones. I’ve been along Hill Road. I don’t recall a cemetery.

4. My brother got a job! That’s all three siblings employed. Whew. Fuck this economy, you know?

5. It bothers me that Sue Allen is missing. I mean, at least the Masons remember ole Ben. But Sue Allen who pulled a “Thing” from the netherworld and let it chase lawyers through the streets of Nashville? Who puts flowers on her grave?