Out to Hermitage and Back to the Allens

The dog and I both loved Hermitage Park. It’s really, really nice. They even have a cool walkway. I took 70 back downtown which meant I went right back by Mt. Olivet, so I stopped to see if I had just not noticed Sue in there or what. I still didn’t find Sue, but I’m calling over there tomorrow to see if she’s on their interment records. I have a feeling she’s either in there and unmarked or in there and her headstone is under the toppled monument.

The reasons I believe she’s probably there are as follows. 1.) Her husband is there. 2.) She’s not in the graveyard at Edminston place. 3.) (Most important to me) 3.) I can tell by the other people in the plot that she never lost the plot as an asset and that it passed to her family when she died. Nancy Baxter, wife of R.L. Overton, was the daughter of Sue’s sister, Eliza. The Perkins B. Overton in the plot is Nancy’s son. Mary Perkins is not the wife of Nancy’s husband, but I believe of Nancy’s son Robert L. Overton. Otherwise, there’s some very brief bigamy there. I can’t see how Ewin Baxter Thomas figures in, but Ewin (Ewing) and Baxter are obviously family names on Sue’s side. I suspect Mary Perkins may be a cousin of some sort as well. If it was being used after she died, it was probably used when she died. 4.) There are gravestones under the monument.

3 thoughts on “Out to Hermitage and Back to the Allens

  1. I was all “where’s Hermitage Park”? and then I realised “Oh…that park by the library.

    I’m so bad about parks in this town. I NEVER know the real name of the place–except for Shelby Bottoms. With me it’s always “the park by the other thing” or “the park with that statue.”

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