Who Doesn’t Need a Hardboiled Shaman?

I can’t remember where I learned about Muktuk Wolfsbreath, but I did and I read it and it blew my mind. And so I am passing it on to you. I guess it should go without saying that, since it is the story of a hardboiled shaman, there are some disturbing elements, but I’m going to say it anyway–something happens in here that is so spot on about what “sacrifice” means that I’m still like “everyone should read this! No! No one with a heart should read this!”

So, if you don’t have a heart, don’t hesitate. If you do have a heart, hesitate, but still check it out.

One thought on “Who Doesn’t Need a Hardboiled Shaman?

  1. Who Doesn’t Need a Hardboiled Shaman?

    People who prefer poached or barbecued Shaman one supposes.

    But seriously you just wrote the most compelling and effective review in the least words I have ever read. I am off to Amazon.

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