Mike Turner, Personal Cheerleader?

Is it wrong that, when I heard this story, I started to wonder if Mike Turner would call me up randomly, I could tell him all of my obstacles and problems for the day, and he would growl, “Bring it on” in a manner that made me laugh and feel better?

Like he’d call and be all “What do you need inspiration for today, Betsy?”

And I’d say, “Mike, today, I just can’t bear hearing professional rich person, Ron Ramsey talk any more about elitists, as if he’s somehow just one of the common folks and I, with my book learning but still eating ramen noodles for dinner on occasion towards the end of the month, am supposed to be somehow an oppressive jackass who is holding professional rich person, Ron Ramsey down.”

And Turner could be all “Professional rich person, Ron Ramsey? Bring it on!”

And I’d be all “Yeah, bring it on, professional rich person!”

It’d be awesome.