This is the Thought that Scares Me

Okay, we won’t speculate. Who knows what happened? But let’s just throw one more possibility out there. Not saying it’s what happened. Not saying that it’s not. It’s now pretty widely known that you don’t have to have concussions to suffer from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, even mild, but repeated brain injuries can cause it.

So, here’s my question. Do you know who Chris Benoit was? Do you think most people, say most men or most Canadians, know who he was?

If you got the slightest inkling that something in your head could make you do that… You know what I’m saying? Who could blame you for making a preemptive strike?

Obviously, no one can know if that’s the case here, but I hope they check for CTE.

I have to say, as a sports fan, I hope it’s not the cause, because I tell you, it’s ruined wrestling for me. I can’t watch it. I feel like I’m watching men kill themselves in slow motion. And there was a camera angle on a football game the other day that made me worry it’s going to ruin football for me, too. Far enough above them, it still fools my brain into not quite seeing them as human. Too close in, though, and I feel like maybe I shouldn’t be supporting this with my attention.

How could you watch hockey knowing those men are risking their lives and the lives of their children for you?

You can see why I turn the channel past wrestling as quickly as possible.

2 thoughts on “This is the Thought that Scares Me

  1. The problem with saying “it’s not time to rush to judgment” is that you now have three dead players, who were all considered “enforcers” on their teams, who got into fights and suffered injuries on a regular basis. These players all died within a few months of each other, two from suicide and one from a drug overdose.

    Yes, I’m going to rush to judgment. I’m going to rush to say that’s indicative of a huge problem in the NHL.

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