Too Excited to Post Coherently

Frank” is in Apex Magazine. You can read it right now! You can read the awesome interview they did with me. You can dance around the house singing Muddy Waters songs in happiness (or just me, that’s cool).

Shoot, you can read “Bone” for old time’s sake.

Folks who aren’t fans of horror have expressed some nervousness about reading “Frank,” so I will just say that it is about a zombie and there are some dead girls, but, in the course of the story, no one except Frank dies but Frank dies repeatedly. There are some pokings of fun at academics. And there’s a trip to Walmart. If you can handle those things, that’s as horrific as it gets. I hope it’s more Shirley Jackson than “Saw,” if you know what I mean.

Shoot, I got all caught up in reading the rest of the stories that I am running behind. Go read it!

21 thoughts on “Too Excited to Post Coherently

  1. Feel free to ask away. My mom made me explain one million things, so I now have explanations.

    And thank you for liking it and saying so. You know I get nervous…

  2. Oh, so good! Even though I’ve devoured what you’ve said about it before this, it completely surprised me. Not at all where I thought it was going, over and over. You are a deft pitcher of curveballs, Madame.

  3. Love the story! I think that what I love the most is that it’s going to be rankling around my brain for days. Trying to figure out where it all started, how they wound up in this situation, and where they’ll wind up. So, so good! Congratulations!

  4. Ah, that was a kind of pseudo-shamanic thing. She slips him something, he has a vision of being torn apart and put back together, and then he gets his soul back, or at least the start of it.

  5. Excellent work and a beautiful story.

    I found it entertaining that, writing from a male point of view, you included several sexual scenes and numerous references to sexual behavior. It’s as if that’s all we males think about!

    Oh, wait . . .

  6. Cracker, you missed the earlier discussion when I was writing it in which I admitted that I was tempted to have him pee on everything, since that would be the first thing I’d do if I woke up with a penis.

    W., cool. Yeah, I assume she’s a walking secret illicit pharmacy by the time she gets to the ranch.

  7. Oh I like it-sweet yet so creepily disturbing!

    And small spoiler alert:

    I love the crows throwing up water into Frank’s mouth. Being raised on bible stories of ravens feeding the prophets in the desert I never thought about the ‘how’. Now I know.

  8. Oh, lord. I had not made that connection consciously. And now I’m never going to be able to read the Bible without thinking of it. I guess I just assumed they flew in food with their feet. Which they washed. Of course.

    Ugh. Ha ha ha.

  9. I love the story so much. Loved seeing the crows–reminded me of Flock–and the throwing up of water into Frank’s mouth. So much symbolism there of life (water) from death (crows).

  10. I have all kinds of other thoughts but I think I might just put them to you in person. Whenever I start I think of another one….

    Oh, and weirdly, the cover art of this issue was drawn by a woman who is living in my hometown. It’s like the Midwesterners taking over Apex.

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