More True Blood Complaints

I’ve decided that the fucked up pronunciation of “Samhain” is a metaphor for everything that’s wrong with True Blood this season. Would it have taken someone thirty seconds to google how to say it? Not even. And yet, why bother?

Could the writers on True Blood go down to Louisiana and be greeted as conquering heroes? Could they, while on their trip, notice that their version of Louisiana looks more like a swampy Utah? Or hell, could they have asked any of the black actors on their show “Where are your people from?” and gotten the answer “The South” after enough “and before that?”s?

Or could they have looked at a map and noticed that there’s such a state as Texas and having Jesus and Lafayette be just a few hours’ drive away from Jesus’s Mexican–nationality, not just ethnicity–grandpa is physically impossible?

Could they have watched old episodes of their own show and seen that the very character of Eric that they created on the show, not getting into differences between book-Eric and tv-Eric, just going by their own canon, would have been disgusted that Sookie liked him better weak? Would have been alarmed to find that he was that weak in public?

In retrospect, except for the satisfying end of the Mickenses, there was a lot about this season that just seemed like no one on the writing end was really that into it. And I think the show, which was already bad, but loveable, is now, for me anyway, kind of bad and unloveable.

I don’t know.

I’ll give it a try next season, but I can’t promise I’ll stick with it. This season, it was already too easy to just watch it onDemand whenever the Butcher got around to it.

Still good music, though. Was glad to hear Those Darlins again.


10 thoughts on “More True Blood Complaints

  1. I don’t get HBO, so I’m a season behind, just watched the last one on DVD. Until about halfway through the season I was disappointed at the lack of those little “aha!” moments of fun writing that had been pretty common before, the little tickles where they got something really right, or threw in a funny characterization or plot twist that made me sit up and take notice. This time it just seemed mean and ugly through most of the season, so I was about to give up.

    I’m disappointed to hear that it doesn’t get better. But hey, at least the first few seasons were good. Good-ish. I guess they’ve jumped the shark.

  2. My problem with True Blood is that the characters are always acting shocked that weird shit is going on, when they live in a town where vampires, werewolves and shapeshifters run around openly. You know, the one dude who told the story about having sex with fairy in the woods and everyone being all like, “that’s just crazy! Surely you’re imagining things!” Or last night Sookie and her wiccan friend having a “weird feeling” and just writing it off as nothing … have you people not realized that you live in a freaky town where ANYTHING is possible?

  3. No, no, no. Give no partial credit. They pronounced it Sam aye hane, if I am remembering correctly. Maybe Sam hi ayn? I can’t bear to go back and listen, but they made it three syllables of wrongness.

  4. ‘pronunciation of “Samhain”’

    They did the same thing in a fifth season episode of Supernatural. Every character on the show pronounced it “sam-hane”. It was kinda embarassing, since SPN is a show based in folktale and urban legend.

  5. The mispronunciation of this drove me insane! My husband, who knows nothing of the occult or Wicca, didn’t understand why it irritated me so much. (Did with Supernatural as well, which was also when I quit watching). How hard is it to find out how to pronounce “Samhain?” Would love to see what they do with a character named “Siobhan.”

  6. Oh this is sooo annoying. Being from Ireland I can tell you that the pronunciation of ‘Samhain’ is ‘sow-un’…hearing ‘samahane’ is like nails on a chalkboard

  7. I have a little sympathy for people who come up with “Sam-hane,” I know the first time I saw Medbh McGukian’s first name, I had no idea how to pronounce it. At least “Sam-hane” is what the word looks like in English.

    But my god, where are these fools coming up with “Sam-a-hane?” It’s not correct and it’s not a phonics failure that makes sense.

  8. They just lose credibility when they are pronouncing important words like that wrongly. I understand that words and names in Irish don’t match their spelling when speaking English but at least they could do some research for such a massive production. Hey give me a call True Blood and I’ll let you know how to pronounce the difficult words. Ahhh I think I’ve vented enough now, thanks for your reply

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