Seven for the Seven Who Couldn’t Get to Heaven

Today Tiny Cat Pants is seven years old. Since I started this blog, a lot has changed, three marriages, two messy divorces, four kids, a hit TV show… Okay, fine, in a lot of ways, nothing’s changed that much.

I still live in Nashville. I still work at the same place (though in a different position). I still hope to be a writer.

On the other hand, I simply cannot imagine that I would have all of the wonderful things I have here if not for this blog. I wouldn’t know most of my dear friends here in Nashville. I would never have met almost all of you. I wouldn’t be a published writer at all, period, the end. No short stories, no nothing. And therefore I wouldn’t have had the awesome Southern Festival of Books experience last year. I wouldn’t have heard Nina Cardona on Nashville Public Radio call me “Nashville writer, Betsy Phillips.”

And these aren’t even all the good things. It’s just where my head is at because SFB is coming up again soon. I mean, would I even own a house? I think any other real estate agent than Kathy–who I met through blogging–would have killed me long before we found this place.

I am very, very lucky and it’s because of you guys. I hope I bring you even 1/100th of the joy you’ve brought me. But I just don’t think that’s possible.

Thank you so much for reading and commenting and lurking and making this all possible. From the bottom of my heart.

Now, excuse me. I have a little something in my eye.


13 thoughts on “Seven for the Seven Who Couldn’t Get to Heaven

  1. Happy blogiversary! This seems like a very good day to tell you that you are awesome, really fun to read and I wish I knew you in person. I always leave here tickled by something, excited to learn more about something, and relieved that I’m not the only one who feels some way about something or other. Thanks for writing.

  2. Happy blogiversary! Many times I leave here wishing I lived in Nashville because then you might be my friend. Random and maybe slightly strange declarations aside, thank you for writing and allowing us to share with you. Your writing has broadened my world and my views on things that happen in this world, so thank you for that as well.

  3. Keep cranking, kid! It never fails to educate and illuminate!

    Solidarity from a fellow Aunt.

  4. I called you a writer for everyone to hear because that’s what you ARE. You write here. You write for the Scene. You write books. You write.

    And this is where I would hug you if I could do that through the interwebs.

  5. “I’m curious what it will take to make me feel like a “real” writer.”

    Most likely nothing; you have to decide that you are one.

  6. What W said, one more time in three-part harmony. I enjoy this blog, especially your cat tales and your skewering of hypocritical politicians. Oh, and the garden posts, too. Here’s to seven more!

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