Two Cool Things

1. Another Nashville writer at Qarrtsiluni! And she’s writing about Piggly Wiggly, which means she’s writing about Dickerson Pike. But I must say, I realized upon reading this that I don’t really consider Dickerson Pike to be East Nashville. I mean, yes, technically. But I feel like maybe it should have its own name.

2. All afternoon I watched as this story became about how scientists had broken the speed of light. But I like it at this moment where it’s still a story about a genuine “What the fuck?!”

“My dream would be that another, independent experiment finds the same thing – then I would be relieved,” Dr Ereditato said.

But for now, he explained, “we are not claiming things, we want just to be helped by the community in understanding our crazy result – because it is crazy”.

“And of course the consequences can be very serious.”

2 thoughts on “Two Cool Things

  1. I’m the writer! I was referring to the Dickerson Pike Piggly-Wiggly. Thanks for listening/reading.

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