Why I Love Nashville

This post over at Pith pretty much sums it up. I love a city where people are such assholes and where the people who work for the city are so hilarious about it.

I think I’m getting sick. I thought that migraine the other day was just a stand-alone issue, but ever since then I’ve felt kind of off-kilter and today I’m pretty sure I’m running a low-grade fever. I’m also sitting here at work and I keep finding myself daydreaming about taking a nap. There’s something cruel about unbidden daydreams about naps.

Oh, a nap. I could open up the front curtains so that the sun would pour onto the green couch. I could coax the dog to curl up by my feet. And then, I could shut my eyes. And I’d dream about daydreaming about napping and dreaming I’m daydreaming about napping.


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