I’m Out Sick One Day and the World Goes Wacky?!

I’m a little bummed because I liked my life in whatever parallel universe I lived in up until yesterday. It’ll be weird if the Mrs. Wigglebottom in this universe is suddenly well-behaved or if my dad has blond hair or if my brother is a hair-dresser or something.

But I’m kind of digging the changes I’ve noticed so far. For one, there’s an actual funny, charming story in the New York Times about mushrooms. For another, I’m agreeing with Toby Fucking Keith?!

This is a strange, new universe. Diet Dr Pepper still tastes the same, though, so I think it’ll be okay.

One thought on “I’m Out Sick One Day and the World Goes Wacky?!

  1. Did you read Rednecks and Bluenecks? Keith has some assy things to say in it, but a lot of what he said left me sort of wanting to go have a beer with him. The world is a strange place.

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