Two Cheesy Things I Discovered This Weekend

When you’re laying around sick for three days, it’s not all swinging in the hammock and playing “Am I going to barf or shit?” (No, I know, that I even got to do some of that is jealousy inducing.) Sometimes, you’re just sitting on the couch trying to pass the time between the exciting stuff. I passed the time outlining, watching Todd and the Book of Pure Evil and reading the first Sookie Stackhouse book.

Sookie. Oh, Sookie, Sookie, now.

I was delighted. I liked being able to picture Eric (and Bee-eee-eel) for that matter as TV Eric and Bill.  I laughed through all the sex scenes, but with delight. I think that one big difference between the book and TV is that the book sex scenes are definitely written for women to find sexy. Lord almighty, when Bill put his bloody finger in Sookie’s cooter to “heal” her from the loss of her virginity, I laughed so hard the dog woke up and got off the couch. But it was exactly right in a way that took me aback. Like, oh, right, this is something a woman would want, even if she would never say so.

And I loved that Sookie in the book seems so Southern, so whip-smart even without an education, with a little chip on her shoulder because she thinks people might look down at her, both full of propriety and a little tacky. It’s a cheesy book, but Sookie is a lot richer a character than she is on TV.

I’ve been snobby about these books and I was wrong to be.

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. Please tell me someone else watches this. It’s a Canadian show. It’s not as good as Trailer Park Boys, by any stretch, but Jason Mewes is in it, looking weirdly hot (I don’t know people. Cut me some slack. This whole “finding Toby Keith attractive” thing has thrown me for a loop. Fine, every scuzzy dude with a cute smile is now hot. I don’t fucking know.). And there’s a threesome of dudes who look really familiar but I can’t place them. And there’s a book of evil which flies around like a bat or a bird or something, committing evil.

I watched the four episodes Comcast had On Demand and I wasn’t really sold until the fourth episode, which was so good that I’m a little worried they can’t sustain that kind of genius. There’s a lot of pot. Some Satanists. Too many skinny jeans. And the fourth episode has dudes making out.

Canada, why must you have the most awesome cheesy shows? Is there some reason the United States can’t have nice stupid shit?

5 thoughts on “Two Cheesy Things I Discovered This Weekend

  1. Well, I think maybe the Sookie books don’t hold up after about book 5, but I do love Book-Sookie about 6000 times more then TV-Sookie, And Eric and Bill are far more delightful in the books, plus you get to picture TV-Eric. Yeah, I was snobby about these books too but utterly devoured them earlier this summer. I’m a little shamed by how much I identified with Sookie (especially post BIll break up), but these books really are exactly what you need on a sick day or some such.

  2. You ought to read ‘A Secret Rage’ also by Charlaine Harris. It’s a stand alone with no supernatural elements. And one conversation at the end that cracks me up every time.

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