Mrs. W. Develops a Strange New Quirk

She acted utterly convinced that the HVAC guy was going to eat her food. She stood by her food, guarding it from him with ferocious barks. She ate as much of her food as she could. And then, she followed him around giving him the stink-eye.

In my dog’s whole life, she has never, ever once done anything that made me think she had thoughts as complex as “You might have a plot against me. I should thwart it.” Even when we play “Which hand has the treat?” she’ll go back to the empty hand if you make it into a fist again on the off-chance the treat might magically appear there.

She’s not big on deduction, my dog.

And yet she deduced that the HVAC guy wanted her food. Wrongly deduced, yes. But still…

3 thoughts on “Mrs. W. Develops a Strange New Quirk

  1. I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you’ve already accepted this award, consider this a nomination for an Academy Award instead. Wonderful posts – very entertaining!

  2. When I was talking to the Butcher, I realized that her weird behavior didn’t start until after he came down from the attic. Now I wonder if she has nightmares about people coming down from above and stealing her food or something.

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