“How Pornstars get Squirrel Irgasms”

I will pay you. Not a lot because I don’t have a lot, but some, if you can explain to me what that phrase means. That, my friends, brought someone to Tiny Cat Pants today. The weirdest part is that I typed “how pornstars get squirrel irgasms” into Google and Tiny Cat Pants isn’t even on the first page. Someone was searching in-depth. Is it a weird auto-correct thing, maybe? Like they were looking for how porn stars get real orgasms?

I don’t know. The internet is a mysterious place. Squirrel irgasms might be a real thing that I am just not hip enough to know about.

I went over to the Handmade and Bound thingy at Watkins today and it was mind-blowingly awesome. I have pictures. I’ll put them up later. But the books–as art pieces–were just incredible. And there are some wild and amazing things going on up at Austin Peay. I swear, just when you’re like “Ugh, Tennessee” you find something like this that reminds you it’s not all assholes, so you’d better try to shape up.

I got an awesome pin though, that has two jack-o-lanterns and the one is saying to the other “I’ll cut your eyes out!!!”

I’m not normally one for wearing buttons, but I plan on wearing this one for the rest of the day.

Edited to add: WTF, Toby Keith?! I’m finding this weirdly disconcerting. Am I going to have to move Toby Keith off of my shit list and onto my good guys list?


I’ll do some kind of official launch on Monday, but if you want something maybe creepy to read this weekend, “The Witch’s Friend” is available for beta-testing.

Do you beta-test fiction?

I guess we do now.

Before you click, let me just say that it is violent. Terrible things happen very near a child. If that’s not your thing, skip it.

If you find anything strange–links that don’t work, etc.–let me know. I guess what I’m saying is that, if you see something that’s not working narratively, it’s too late! Don’t bother with that shit.