I’ll do some kind of official launch on Monday, but if you want something maybe creepy to read this weekend, “The Witch’s Friend” is available for beta-testing.

Do you beta-test fiction?

I guess we do now.

Before you click, let me just say that it is violent. Terrible things happen very near a child. If that’s not your thing, skip it.

If you find anything strange–links that don’t work, etc.–let me know. I guess what I’m saying is that, if you see something that’s not working narratively, it’s too late! Don’t bother with that shit.

6 thoughts on “Beta-Testing

  1. I loved it! At first I tried just clicking through, but I got too confused and eventually just read each “category.” (Then, of course, I used a few of the links to see how the stories were intertwined.)

  2. Hurray. I’m glad you like it.

    Yeah, the linking… you can see why it didn’t catch on, but I had fun being all retro-futuristic for a bit.

  3. Oh my, that was good. I think I forgot to breathe at times.

    I tried one link and just got confused by being moved out of the story I was in. I’ll have to go back and try them now that I know my way around. But first I need to recover.

    Wow, just wow.

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