“How Pornstars get Squirrel Irgasms”

I will pay you. Not a lot because I don’t have a lot, but some, if you can explain to me what that phrase means. That, my friends, brought someone to Tiny Cat Pants today. The weirdest part is that I typed “how pornstars get squirrel irgasms” into Google and Tiny Cat Pants isn’t even on the first page. Someone was searching in-depth. Is it a weird auto-correct thing, maybe? Like they were looking for how porn stars get real orgasms?

I don’t know. The internet is a mysterious place. Squirrel irgasms might be a real thing that I am just not hip enough to know about.

I went over to the Handmade and Bound thingy at Watkins today and it was mind-blowingly awesome. I have pictures. I’ll put them up later. But the books–as art pieces–were just incredible. And there are some wild and amazing things going on up at Austin Peay. I swear, just when you’re like “Ugh, Tennessee” you find something like this that reminds you it’s not all assholes, so you’d better try to shape up.

I got an awesome pin though, that has two jack-o-lanterns and the one is saying to the other “I’ll cut your eyes out!!!”

I’m not normally one for wearing buttons, but I plan on wearing this one for the rest of the day.

Edited to add: WTF, Toby Keith?! I’m finding this weirdly disconcerting. Am I going to have to move Toby Keith off of my shit list and onto my good guys list?

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