“Oooo” and “Ugh”

Ooooo, people I have been about to throw up all day because yesterday, after my trip to the park, I noticed that my car smelled bad whenever I was standing at a stop light. And this morning, it did it again. And on the way home. And my dad said it was probably a leaky hose and I was like “NOOOOOoooo, this does not fit with my ‘pay off the credit card’ plans!” But I had the Butcher look under the hood to see if he could see what was up and the cap where you put in the oil was upside down. The Butcher’s hypothesis is that it didn’t get tightened all the way when I got my oil changed and it finally shook loose and was spitting oil out the top of the engine. He tightened the cap, checked my oil level–looks fine, and is driving the car around now to see if he can still smell anything.

People, if he fixed my car for free, I am going to pee myself in relief.

Ugh, my dad read “The Witch’s Friend” and said he thought it ended abruptly and when he got to the end he went, “So?” He also said that my mom thought the ending was stupid, but I heard her in the background yelling that she wasn’t even done yet.

To which I say, ugh, again. I’m going to start critiquing all his sermons. Except that, damn it, he’s retired. I will have my revenge in my next life!

I know this sounds like my dad was being a butt, but let me assure you, he was being a butt only in a teasing manner and I think he did like it very much.

Presenting: “The Witch’s Friend”

First, there were all the real ghost stories I could think of, and then there were all the ghost stories I could make up. This year, in honor of the Halloween season, I give you “The Witch’s Friend“–a tale of a god, a grandma, a little girl, and the biker gang that ties them together.

I’ll warn you that there is some violence that takes place very near a child and the story contains some disturbing imagery. If those things are not to your taste, I’d rather you didn’t read than read and not enjoy.

Hurray, it’s October!