Brief Things Briefly

1. It’s funny that Ramsey is such a Perry supporter, because this is literally how I imagined Ramsey in every gubernatorial debate–pew pew!

2. I guess I always assumed there was an 11 and a 12 that moved up into the top ten as guys were removed from the list. Are we really short two people bad enough to go on there now? Also, at first, my brain couldn’t figure out how Joe Saenz was standing, so for a brief moment, I thought he had a cat body. Which would be scary.

3. I thought Jack White’s half-made-up Hank Williams song was pretty good. It does sound like a Hank Williams song.

4. Speaking of the Williams boys, Hank Jr. now claims he was misunderstood. Honestly, he should have just said he was drunk. Because I think we all understood him just fine. Sadly, I think this means we can never hope that Bocephus will fix all the white people he’s ruined. It’s clearly now on Toby Keith to sweep up behind Junior.

5. Sure, one might argue that last month’s issue of Apex Magazine was the best one ever, but honestly, this month’s issue is so, so very good. I would like more poems about mermaids that eat people. I would also like to get in a room with all of the poets I think could write convincingly about mermaids that eat people, but I need to get some chain mail first, just in case… Also, there is a cute snail on the cover, which is awesome.


3 thoughts on “Brief Things Briefly

  1. 4. Sure, the day after all the white people Bocephus has ruined* get fixed, Toby Keith will give an interview explaining how he always has been in favor of fixing those folks.

    *No, I’m sorry. I know your theory, but I’m of a mind that anyone who let(s) a singer ruin them was looking to get ruined anyway. No one goes there who didn’t already want to.

  2. Apparently the world needs a vicious mermaid anthology – there are two out right this minute, mine and S.J.’s, and I’m willing to bet there’s more vicious mermaid writers out there.

    Did you see the talking blues improv of the poem that Sooj and Ginger did?

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