Invisible Women

1. Jonathan Franzen takes inspiration only from himself.

2. Dorothy Cooper can’t vote and this is a fundraising opportunity. No, no, not to raises funds to get Cooper to the DMV. I swear to god, things like this make me want to quit political blogging. Who stands around asking themselves “How can this woman’s injustice benefit us?”

3. Obviously, a text can’t be non-linear, only multi-linear. And I’m glad to see Shelley Jackson getting props, but she wasn’t the only woman. She is, however, the only real woman mentioned in this article.

4. Tom Piazza has a list of music to go with his new book, which I am excited to read.

5. This is quite possibly the creepiest thing I’ve ever read. But in good news, this and the other column Gene Lyons wrote will help Professor Melissa Harris-Perry when she needs to get a restraining order against this fool.


Oh Lord

So, this happened. Very close to where that thing didn’t happen to me. Or did. I don’t know. Isn’t that the thing about almosts? I felt like that dude had ill intentions. And yeah, he grabbed for me, but he left when I was like “Hell no” and I told the people in the community center. So… I don’t know… nothing happened.

But I hope this isn’t that same guy.

You know, all this time later, the thing that sticks with me about that is that, when I went back into the park, which is literally the size of a football field with a track circling it, to tell the woman who was still in the park about the sketchy dude, I had to specify that it was neither of the two creepy dudes just hanging out in the park staring at her while she ran but a third dude up in the parking lot.

Anyway, I hope it’s not the same dude, because then I’ll feel like I didn’t do enough, but I hope it is, otherwise, that’s disturbing to think there are a number of creepster dudes in that part of town willing to act on it.