It Was Bound to Happen

I fell into a grave. One of Ben Allen’s grandparents. I said “Brother, watch out. There’s a hole here.” And then I fell in it.

It felt like it took me forever to fall. Just whole minutes. And then I finally was fallen and so I hollered “I fell.” And then I laughed.

I called my dad to find out if I should take something for the swelling. I called him and I said “I fell into a grave. What should I take?”


“I fell into a grave.”

“Where is your brother?!”

Anyway, I am in love with the house Ed Baxter and have decided that, when I am obscenely wealthy, I’m totally living there. In the back is one of the oldest houses left in Nashville, where the Rutledge-es lived and entertained. The rumor is that the Marquis de Lafayette stayed there when he was in town, which means the house had to have existed by 1825. Not much else that old in town.

Then the Baxters put on the front end on in the 1870s.

Then we went to Dunbar Cave, where the dog behaved surprisingly well.


My brother is buying me breakfast at McDonald’s, because we’re fancy like that. Then we’re going to spend the day doing free stuff, I hope. Errands are mostly free, right?

Had a little bit of a freakout yesterday, but I’m pulling myself together today.

Much like this baby*, who is working hard to grow into his snazzy hat, I am learning the art of seeing things from a new perspective.


*Enjoy this baby now, dear readers, while he’s still generic looking (but cute!). Earlier this summer, my neighbor was small enough to be carried around by her dad and poor milk on my lawn mower in her role as neighborhood magic baby. I would have had no compunction about showing the internet a picture of her. Sunday, the Professor and I came back here from the Joelton Dairy Queen so that she could teach me to Skype and our magic baby neighbor was standing in the yard all like “I’m mere inches away from being able to mow your lawn.” Five months and she went from baby to person. I mean, I guess that’s how they do, but it was just really striking. You’d think there’d be more time between baby and little girl, but I guess not. She’s recognizable now.