Just a Little More on Curry Todd

He was driving so shitfaced drunk that you can smell the alcohol on his mug shot down 21st Avenue?! He is so very, very lucky he didn’t hit a pedestrian. So very lucky. If he thinks things look grim now, he should imagine how grim they’d be if he’d hit a Vanderbilt or a Belmont student. Or hell, imagine the headlines if he’d have hit the parents of some kid sick in the Children’s Hospital, who’d gone out to eat after their suffering child had fallen asleep.

The other thing that pisses me off about this is that he’s clearly bringing a loaded gun to at least the garage the legislators all use, and he’s gone out of his way to secure the ability to carry in bars and so on, but you and I can’t carry into his work place.

This bullshit of “I live by one set of rules, but you live by another” really irritates me.

4 thoughts on “Just a Little More on Curry Todd

  1. It looks like he’s willing his right eye to open but the left one won’t respond. That’s beyond “tiddly;” that’s well on the way to blind drunk.

    Are BAC measurements public record? I’m pegging the over/under at 0.20.

  2. This bullshit of “I live by one set of rules, but you live by another” really irritates me.

    Wait until he lawyers up and the charge gets off pleaded down to a “reckless driving” rather than “driving under the influence with gun possession”. Because that’s more than likely going to happen.

  3. As I tweeted earlier, Beth, just watch our peerless leaders start scrambling now to change the Tennessee Code so sitting Lege members can carry drunk. BECAUSE THEY SHOULD! And because they need to protect themselves from those Sharia Law-toting terrorists who want to kill them because they’re drinking alcohol in violation of Islam.

    You all think I’m exaggerating. You also have seen me speak of Senator “Ah Hate ‘Shariah’ And I Can’t Even Spell It” before here at B’s site. I put nothing past him and Gubnor Ramsey anymore.

    In fact, it’s already started. Look at what Woodsy posted at Pith earlier today:


    Rep. McCormick, would your “thoughts and prayers” be extended to the folks Curry Todd could have run over, as our hostess so eloquently considers above?

  4. If they are going to pass legislation requiring welfare recipients to get drug screens, I think we have the right to demand sobriety tests for our legislators.

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