The Phillips Brothers

Other than the whole falling into a grave thing, which I did not enjoy when it happened, though I am enjoying being able to say that I fell into a grave, I had a really nice time with my brothers yesterday, first one and then both.

It’s weird. We grew up so close, not because we necessarily liked each other best, but because we understood each other and our circumstances in ways others didn’t. Then it was weird. And now, I feel the loss that we’re so far apart. I like seeing the Butcher every day. I wish I could see our brother more often.

That’s a nice place to be but it also hurts my heart a little.

One thought on “The Phillips Brothers

  1. I miss my sister and brother, too. We’re hundreds of miles apart living the lives that we’ve chosen. I’d love for them to just “drop by” some time to share a pizza and stories about old times. But I know that when I see them next, it’ll be like we never skipped a day. Because I love them both so much.

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