Gentlemen, Let’s Not Fight About Mike Turner

It started with Jeff Woods, followed by Memphis Steve Ross, then anonymous T3 dude*, and then Braisted. All are up in arms either about Mike Turner’s defense of Curry Todd or up in arms about people being up in arms about Turner’s defense of Curry.

But everyone seems to be leaving out the enormous detail that makes this whole thing all make sense. Remember? Turner’s little “I had to call the fire department for a ride home” incident?

I could be wrong, but it seemed obvious that Turner is taking the high road in contrast to the mud that was flung at him. Who could have blamed him for wanting a little of the Big Get Even?  But I actually respect that Turner didn’t take the opportunity to dish out what he’d been fed by Republicans.

It wouldn’t work as a general Democratic response to Republicans, but in this specific case, considering the history, I think this is a little bit of Mike Turner killing some folks with kindness, taking a little personal revenge.

And I’m fine with that.


*Anonymous dude, please. This? “In fact, given the reception my last posts generated, I would have preferred not to blog again.” That’s not going to cut it. You think what you got was bad? You should have been around in the Gilbert/Kleinheider era. Buck up, youngster. We’re going easy on you.

12 thoughts on “Gentlemen, Let’s Not Fight About Mike Turner

  1. Thanks, B. Curry and I have been friends for over 25 years, Long before either of us were in the Legislature. His Brother Danny a Firefighter and Democrat is one of my Best friends. Curry and I disagree on many issue’s and I don’t condone what he did, but I also don’t turn on my friends. I defended my friend Rob Briley when he made his mistake. It would be Hypocritical of me to attack a Republican for the same mistake. I place Friendship and Honor above Partisan Politic’s, If that bothers some people I’m not that hard to find, Thanks again for not Rushing to Judgement. You are a Friend.

  2. Ok….

    First, Kat, many of them ARE. Look, I know a lot of good people up there who are Republican; I go back with Jim Coley more years than I can count. But they are pushed so hard by the crazies that they have to move in the other direction or get primaried. I know they are not happy about it, but they need to stand up.

    Mike, you know I appreciate you because you never fail to stand up for us. I can understand that you have a friendship that goes back a while with Todd. I have been told by others that Todd will stand up with Labor, and that is appreciated, too.

    But I remember the Briley situation, too, and they came at us like rabid badgers, if I remember correctly. For once, I am glad that the TNDP smacked back; that’s what many of us wanted them to do for years, and now they are doing it.

    Everything we have seen so far from the GOP up there is that they are relentless, especially now that they have the numbers, which I do want to change, obviously.

    While I don’t want to kick a man while he is down, the irony of this situation is overwhelming. Nationally, Curry Todd has become a joke, and I suspect that he will remove himself from his chairmanship, or Speaker Harwell will do it for him. That’s fine; that would be in keeping with what Speaker Naifeh did with Briley, and that would be fair.

  3. This, in a nutshell, is why Democrats lose. The Republicans would have flayed any Democrat caught in a similar position to the bone.

    I get that Mike Turner may have personal reasons not to go after this guy, but somebody in the Democratic leadership sure should.

  4. You know, Rep. Turner, publicly “turning” on a friend might be appropriate if his private behavior results in public horrors such as this (which, as already outlined here and elsewhere, could have turned out to be much more horrible).

    Get a little tough love going. If those gin blossoms in his mugshot are any indication, your friend has a serious problem. Some public embarrassment might be what he needs to get help.

  5. Andy, with all due respect. I was not raised that way and I’m just not wired that way. A friend is not a friend if you can turn on that friend at the drop of a hat, for some kind of temporary gain.

  6. Yeah, I think this may indicate a problem with the Democratic leadership structure or with how the media frames these stories, but I just don’t feel like the fault is with Turner here.

    Turner should support his friend and do his ass-kicking privately. Turner should also, though, not seek to shield his friend from the consequences of his choices (no string-pulling to keep him out of jail, no string-pulling to minimize investigations into whether he’s still living in his district, etc.). And there should be some other Democrat in a position of leadership who can nail dude’s ass to the wall.

    If that person doesn’t exist, the Dems need to get on that.

    If that person does exist, but media folks find it easier to reach out Turner, then that’s another problem.

    I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m still flabbergasted over the whole Stanley nonsense (and his continued ability to act like the one time he got caught was the one time he strayed), but I am glad some people in the legislature feel loyalty to their loved ones. It’s kind of refreshing.

  7. I have several lines of thought on this. I adore Mike Turner and think he knows that and I believe he is good for Tennessee. I understand Todd is his friend. I know that Rep. Curry Todd most likely needs help. Those statements made, however, took the wind out of some folk’s sails if the myriad of phone calls I’ve received in the last few days is any indication. Conversations happen everywhere, not just Nashville.

    Putting personalities aside for a moment, Todd’s arrest obviously has made a lot of people react. I think the irony of his arrest aligned with the legislation he has sponsored over the years is astonishing. For me, at least, I believe there is a huge disconnect with what people think outside the 440 Loop downtown. There is validity with all the different reactions, but I can’t help but look at some of Toddy’s statements and his life as a legislator. His involvement with ALEC, his soundbites over the years that have been downright disdainful of people different than he is. His arrest stirred emotional responses which were valid from all of the people linked above.

    Outside of Nashville, and believe me on this one, there is an attitude that some legislators (not all mind you) are telling them what to do but not following their own rules. I think this was more about the reaction regarding Todd than anything.

    I also believe that we as state democrats need to be on offense more but once again, that’s just me. Despite some things I’ve read in the last few days, there are a lot of people who are on the same page and working in and outside the confines of Democratic leadership. The key comes to everyone being on message.

    With Todd’s arrest, that chasm became more and more apparent.

    Sorry Betsy, didn’t mean to hijack a comment. This is one of those blurts I used to have over here back in the days of Gilbert/Kleinheider. :D

  8. I understand a man has to stand by his friend, but defending yourself by saying he can’t turn on him at the drop of a hat is a bit much. This is well beyond a situation that can be called ‘the drop of a hat’.

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