Here it is the middle of October and things are still weirdly in bloom. The small roses are blooming again. The morning glory is blooming for the first time. Even the lavender is putting out a few tentative flowers.

So, I went out and clipped a bunch of stuff and put it in a basket with the tiny bottle of whiskey I got from the Southern Festival of Books. I think that will all be good gate-opening stuff for the nine nights.

I am ready for some major spooky woo.

4 thoughts on “Prep

  1. The morning glories are just now blooming?
    Mine have been in full flower since August and the Moonflower and Spanish Flag since Labor Day.

  2. Did you continue to give them plant food? Or just water?

    Plant food should be withheld once they reach the top of the trellis/whatever or is at the length you want. Continued feeding will only cause the vines to grow, and not the flowers. For flowers, just water and lots of it.

  3. Nope, no food. Like I said, it was just weird. I wonder if it was too hot for them? But I thought morning glories could stand a little heat…

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