Ron Ramsey Should Be Embarrassed

Really, he’s been running around for almost a full year now refusing to accept that he wasn’t elected governor and turning the lieutenant governor’s office into a co-leadership position with Bill Haslam, and he doesn’t follow the news? He doesn’t know the second biggest story to come out of Tennessee this month?

Lord help us.

4 thoughts on “Ron Ramsey Should Be Embarrassed

  1. If only Ramsey had some way to aggregate all the political news in the state in one easy to read web page.

  2. But come on. Who has the kind of expertise to put together some kind of… blog aggregator…. maybe?… about politics? It would have to have some kind of alliterative name to be catchy but none come to mind. And Brittney Gilbert lives in New York now.

    Who, oh, who could do this? If only that person were on Ron Ramsey’s staff.

  3. Really? That’s where Tiny Pastures landed? I guess I lost track…

    Perhaps the GOP finds it more…helpful….not to have all their bs helpfully collected in one place.

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